Preparing for 2013 DPSA Vacancies

The department of public service and administration is always a sought after Vacancy in South Africa. 2012 DPSA Vacancies are already well underway however the 2013 DPSA vacancies will soon be available as we approach the new year. If you didn’t receive a 2012 DPSA vacancy then perhaps it’s your time to start looking into a DPSA vacancy as we come into the year 2013.

The good thing about receiving a DPSA vacancy is that the DPSA is widely recognized and also they usually have many jobs that revolve around public services, health development, intelligence development and social development. Not only this, the DPSA also has jobs for criminal justice, so there’s a wide range of possibilities available and the offer should always be considered and looked into.

There are DPSA vacancies available every year. Applying for a DPSA role usually requires you to check the DPSA website which has all the roles. As an example so you can make your preparations, THIS is what the DPSA roles look like for 2012. Please look through it and see what kind of positions are available and what they’re after so you can make sure that you’ll be prepared for the 2013 DPSA vacancies.

The department of public service and administration always offers a fair chance to every citizen in South Africa so if you show a keen interest and you’ve prepared your knowledge then you’re likely to have a chance in receiving a DPSA vacancy as we come into the new year. But don’t forget, these jobs need hard work and dedication to succeed, you also need to be very committed to the job.

There might be DPSA vacancies available but it’s not always that anyone is suited for the job. Good luck with your 2013 education and job targets. We will post 2013 DPSA vacancies as soon as they’re available so make sure you subscribe to the newsletter of our website at the top of the page.


  1. I am still available for any employment.

  2. audrey mohashwa says:

    I am still available for admin,receptionist and call center posts

  3. tigane esther thsehla says:

    I have a call center certificate and N6 certificate in marketing, i am on job market basically learnerships, interships and apprentice would help a lot because i still want to learn. I am in a process of completing my diploma by selling Avon cosmetics.

  4. I’m available for any employment.

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